The "Thrill" of Shopping

In fact, for these “sport shoppers” a trip to the mall is akin to an athletic competition, according to several research studies.

Typically, this is somebody who takes great pride in their ability to get the thing they want at a discount.  It’s not about spending the least, it’s about saving the most!!

A "sport" shopper is someone who often can afford the items he/she buys at full price, but who bargain hunts for the thrill of it. He/She is competitive and enjoys outsmarting the retail system.

Even when he/she can easily afford to pay full price, there’s no joy in that for the "sport" shopper. He/she takes a real joy from being able to find that thing at a great discount!!

Also, like athletes recounting their achievements, the "sport" shopper can remember with great specificity the stories behind the bargain items in his/her closet, sometimes including the date of purchase, the price at which he/she bought the item, and the price at which it would ordinarily retail.

Another similarity the researchers noticed between "sport" shoppers and athletes is the strategy behind each shopping endeavor. While a runner might train for a race, building up to the race’s distance and mapping the route, a "sport" shopper will get to know the layout of a department store, observe merchandising patterns, and plan a shopping trip based on how much time he/she has before going shopping.

Therefore, shopping, in reality is a sport and much like all great athletes, a great shopper can also share their "trophies". 

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