Stepping Out of Your "Home Decor" Comfort Zone

Home decorating can be scary and overwhelming at times, especially if you're unsure what your "style" is, or if you know what your style is, you're just afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

Here are a few tips to help ease the anxiety and assist with finding a style that works for you!

  1. Don't be afraid to incorporate décor into your space that you may otherwise feel is not your style, variety adds interest.


  1. Do know what you like, and don't like.  If you're not a country lover than rushing home with a heart shaped shelf for your bathroom is probably going to result in dissatisfaction.  On the other hand if you're a complete country lover than a set of glass top tables is probably going to create an uncomfortable look and feel. However, if you play your cards right you can absolutely co-mingle the two styles and still have a beautiful space that doesn't feel awkward.


  1. Do know your limits! If you know your space isn't large enough for something whether it's artwork or furniture, don't force it into your space.  It will most likely appear out of place and uncomfortable.


  1. Don't go overboard.  If you're a collector of something, keep your collections displayed nicely.  This doesn't mean find one spot for all of it and utilize every square inch of spare space to display it!


  1. Lastly, and most importantly, love your space! Surround yourself with whatever makes you happy, after all it’s your home and your style.



Have a wonderful day. 

Until next time. 


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